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Hollow glass
Hollow glass
Hollow glass is a kind of good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful and applicable, and can reduce the weight of new building materials building, it is to use two pieces of glass (or three), the use of high strength and high air tightness composite binder, the glass and containing desiccant bonding of aluminum alloy frame, highly efficient noise insulation made of glass. A variety of hollow glass performance is superior to the ordinary double deck glass, therefore recognised by the countries all over the world, hollow glass is two or more pieces of glass in order to effectively support evenly separated and peripheral bond seal, with dry gas is formed between the glass layer space of glass products.
Product features
Sound insulation, thermal insulation, high strength
Environmental protection and energy saving: to improve the building insulation, heat preservation and insulation pad, and the effect of condensation at the same time, also simplifies the structure of the central air conditioning and ventilation facilities design, not only reduce the construction cost, and the actual increase effective practical space within a building. In addition, the safety laminated insulating glass is used on high-rise buildings, to resist the ability of the powerful typhoon damage can greatly enhance the buildings. Hollow glass in the north of China city of a large number of applications on the Windows and doors, energy saving effect is obvious. And the southern city is the urban noise reduction and energy saving dual function is widely used.
Environmental protection and energy saving parameters: lower voice around 30 decibel, energy saving 20% 40%, how much the sound insulation, heat insulation performance, the effect is good or bad depends on the thickness of air layer.

Application field

Building doors and Windows, glass curtain wall, ceiling, cooling, electrical, aircraft, ships, locomotives, etc

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