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Warmly celebrate the Liaoning Jin Xu special glass technology co.,ltd. Web site online!
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       Warmly celebrate the Liaoning Jin Xu special glass technology  co.,ltd. Web site online!

      The company is located in the beautiful coastal city - liaoning yingkou. Is a set research and development, production, sales, industry and trade integration of special glass enterprises. The main production of low-e insulating glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, fire-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass, etc. Products are widely used in anti-theft doors and Windows, security building doors and Windows, glass curtain wall, ceiling lighting, refrigeration appliances, planes, ships locomotives, sightseeing elevator, indoor partition, stair step with bulletproof glass, bulletproof glass and bank and other related industries.
The company was founded in 2011, enterprises registered capital of 12.31 million yuan. The company in 2016 through the IS09001:2008 quality system management certification, and in the same year on August 16, the company stock equity transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises in China was officially, stock name: golden shares. Stock code: 838156. In 2011 through the CCC mandatory product certification, in 2012 through the national ministry of public security certification bulletproof glass, the company has a large number of advanced processing equipment, and skilled team of employees. Is the domestic few special glass processing enterprise.


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