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The classification and characteristics of daily glass
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Our daily glass is mainly divided into three broad categories: flat glass, safety glass, three kinds of energy-saving glass, safety glass and energy-saving glass is relative to the comparison of flat glass.
1, flat glass: it is not processed flat glass, also known as the whiteboard after secondary processing production for safety glass or energy-saving glass.
2, safety glass: compared to the board of this type of glass has impact resistance, and won't produce harm when broken, fire prevention and guard against theft, mainly divided into the following several types
Will: (1) toughened glass plate glass processed using the proprietary methods, increase the compressive capacity of glass itself, therefore widely used in the construction industry, after deformation can be applied to automobile and aircraft.
(2) the laminated glass: adding layers between the raw glass PVB (poly (butyl aldehyde) together, after a series process manufacturing, higher safety of the glass, according to the different raw materials, makes a fire bulletproof glass effect. Commonly used in construction at the top of doors and Windows, skylights, jewelry stores as well as Banks.
(3) the wired glass: steel wire or wire mesh in melting glass rolling, and the characteristics of this kind of glass is fire retardancy is better, because the inside of the glass temperature and cracking wire, won't make glass splash, still can maintain the condition of fixed, so this kind of glass normally used in the fire.
(4) glass: titanium will become another kind of titanium gold foil on the glass surface glass, the glass is very not easy to fracture, the glass also has block heat and uv.
3, energy saving glass:
(1) heat absorbing glass, the glass can not only absorb a lot of heat also has the high light effect, can have heat insulation, anti-glare, lighting and decoration, and so on
(2) the heat reflective glass, reflective glass of hot high reflectivity, made hollow glass or laminated glass, therefore it is commonly used to increase the thermal insulation performance. Plating metal film thermal reflective glass and one-way through like role.


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