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Explosion-proof glass
Explosion-proof glass

      Is able to prevent violent impact of glass, it is the use of special additives and in the middle of the sandwich made of special glass machine, even if the glass break will not fall off easily, because in the middle of the material (PVB film) or the other side of the flameproof glass has good bonding. Therefore, explosion-proof glass can greatly reduce confronted with violent impact damage to personnel and valuables.

technical requirements

Thickness: 0.76 mm, 1.14 mm and 1.52 mm, the thicker the film thickness, the effect of explosion-proof glass, the better.

Product features
High security: as the middle tier of PVB tenacity and strong adhesion, hit after damage is not easy to have been through, not shedding debris, and PVB film tightly together.
Efficacy: more compared with other glass, shock resistance, anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof, prevent ultraviolet performance, etc.
Energy-saving stronger: middle PVB layer can reduce the solar radiation, prevent loss of energy, save the electricity consumption of air conditioning, can to sound sonic vibration cushion products, so as to achieve sound insulation effect. But the sound insulation effect is not ideal, because it doesn't have a vacuum layer.

Application field

Has the very high impact strength and the use of security, and is suitable for the building, floor, wall, ceiling, shower industrial workshop of the skylight, shop Windows, kindergartens, schools, stadiums, private houses, villas, lunatic asylum, securities companies, insurance companies, Banks, jewelry store, post office, museum, prisons and other places. Also agency units are often used in airport, hotel, office building and other public facilities, or prone to accident place (such as French window, commercial residential buildings). At the same time, the product in the field of military and high-tech industry also has a wide range of applications, such as used in spacecraft, military equipment, solar cells and solar receiver, applied to the composite damping steel plate in the field of industrial, mining flameproof glass, etc.

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